The Art of Impact: A Handbook for Self-Determined Living

Have you ever had someone tell you that their job is to represent you, or to speak for you? Have you ever said, or wanted to say, “I can speak for myself”? If so, this book has been developed just for you!

The Art of Impact explores the power of self-advocacy. It presents the thoughts of a core group of committed leaders on NACDD’s Self-Advocate Leadership Circle. Scott Michael Robertson, Ph.D., wrote this book with input from these Leadership Circle members. The book shares tips, tools, and strategies for advocacy to help you live a self-determined life and become an advocate for change.

This e-book is your guide to self-advocacy and healthy living in your community. It will help introduce you to self-advocacy. Those of you who already know about self-advocacy can learn more about it. You can learn how to practice and improve your self-advocacy skills. You can also learn tips from veteran leaders.