Kentucky Disability Resource Manual




Kentucky Disability Resource Manual

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This manual was designed primarily for use by individuals with developmental disabilities and related conditions. We hope that it is also useful for families, as well as service coordinators and providers who directly assist families and individuals with developmental disabilities. The focus of this manual is to provide easy-to-read information concerning available resources, and to provide immediate contact information for the purpose of applying for resources and/or locating additional information. In many cases, we took definitions and eligibility for services directly from the agency websites that offer these programs. You may notice that many of the resources listed in this manual are directly linked to regional Community Mental Health Centers. Often, and especially with children under the age of three and for adults, a local Community Mental Health Center will be the point of entry for an individual to gain access to many programs and services. For school-aged children and adolescents, the most direct route to services is often through the local public school system. This product is the hard-copy version of the Disability Resource Manual created by the Human Development Institute. An online version of this manual with a site search engine is also available at This website has been tested for web accessibility and is accessible to screen readers. Alternate formats of this manual are available upon request. The list of resources provided within this manual is not meant to be exhaustive. The purpose is to focus on resources available to individuals with developmental disabilities, though other related resources have been included. If you are aware of additional resources that are available and that should be included, we invite you to contact us regarding future editions of this manual.

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